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Friday, 13 July 2018

♦ F.Q.A ♦

Question: A little greetings from The Blog Owner.
Answer: Hi there ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I'm the one & only owner of this blog! Nice to meet you. Feel free to keep in touch & follow me here ❤.

Question: How long have you been blogging & what inspired you to start it back in the days?

Answer: I've been blogging since 19.4.2013 and I gradually slow down because of responsibilities & studies. I kind of miss blogging sometimes though but I never really have the time for it (╯︵╰,)

Question: What do you usually do during your leisure time (other than blogging & indulging in mundane business)?
Answer: Oh! Nothing interesting, really (。◕‿◕。) I'm a student and a freelancer, so I'm only committed to these two things. Also, I'm an artist if you wanted to know (◡‿◡✿)

Question: What are your plans and what are you trying to achieve or persue for the time being?
Answer: I'm focusing on organizing my life and planning on persuing my studies in Bachelor's Degree, soon enough In Shaa Allah ( ✿◕ ‿ ◕ っ) I was the product of this University!

✏ THANK YOU! I'll be looking forward to blogwalking & thank you for your visit here (•‿• ).

   Thanks for reading                       

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Question & Answers:

1) About the Author

● Known as Aniclose friends & family call me by different names.

● A Panda because I love to eat and sleep. Honestly, I am a productive person but I will get lazy if I don't feel motivated or have no inspiration at all. 
Hence, I will be in a slump and if that happens, I will be doomed (╯︵╰") LOL

● I'm not much a talker but if I already knew you and we become friends, that will be another whole different story. For REAL!

I'm Cool! Totally cool but only if you don't try to get on my nerves, though.

hate it the most when people try to tick me off on purpose or trying to get all smart on me and then make my dark side awaken. Hm, definitely not a smart move (  ◠ ◡ ◠  )

2) About your blog?

My blog is very FEMININE and obviously you can feel that soft GIRLY vibes all over this blog. Frankly, I used to hate pink LOL
But I get more ladylike throughout the years, I guess? FEEL FREE TO JUDGE ME AS YOU WANT! *Dedicated to those who don't like the idea of my preferences* ლ(o◡oლ)

3) Dear Author, what do you do other than blogging?

● I am a student and a freelancer, I don't get enough sleep and it's really tiring sometimes (you know the struggles LOL)

 I read books, mostly mixed genres. I LOVE READING and I still love reading manga and novels. Be it Romance, Horror, Fantasy or even boring school books just give them to me! Journals are a pain though but I still skim & scan it sometimes for educational purposes and for the ASSIGNMENTS! Ugh, yeah. I do boring things. LOL

● I am an artist (I do Traditional & Digital Drawing but mainly focusing on Traditional because Digital is hard) ❤ (づ  ̄ ³ ̄ )づ

● I listen to any kind of songs that suits my taste and preferences. I mostly listen to Western songs compared to Malay songs. Other than these two, I also listen to Korean and Japanese songs just because \(   ◦'⌣'◦  )/

4) Favourite/liking/:

Too. Many. Things. To. Describe.

I like too many things, I don't now where to start...
One thing for sure...

I like making friends but keeping real ones are hard so I consider myself an Ambivert. I used to be a Lone wolf or you can just consider it as an Introvert.

(  ◦ω◦  )人(  ◦ω◦  )(  ◦ω◦  )







5) Favourite item/things/:

cute book cover, easy said I'm easily attracted to kawaii stuffs. LOL

● I used to collect Teddy Bears but NOT Barbies. 
Sometimes, I even cringed so hard at myself for liking these stuffs. Definitely, not a thing that a grown lady would do. Just do the things that make you happy, I guess LOL 。 ◕‿◕ 。  

● I also collect Manga as hobby back then, mostly Romance genre because of the aesthetic pleasure when I look at the beautiful & delicate artworks of different Manga Sensei that I adore so much!

I gradually stop collecting manga as I grow older because these mangas get expensive by each year due to the current economy. EVERYTHING is expensive these days LOL

● I love stationery so much! I can be so excited whenever I come across any book store and roam around to find stationery for HOURS (definitely not kidding!). As for me, I love drawing tools like watercolor and brushes the most  

Alright, that's all from me folks. See you until then! 

Goodbye for now ❤ 

I''m hoping to be more active, progressive, productive and consistent on

 Blogging but I have real life

responsibilities and mundane business to attend to.

I hope I will have the time soon enough!


                       Thanks for reading                      

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Thursday, 23 January 2014


Bahasa Korea? Bahasa Jepun? Anda suka belajar bahasa salah satu bahasa ini atau pun bahasa-bahasa lain selain bahasa ibunda? Kalau Ani memang suka ❤ I'm a multilingual person myself, I wish to be a Polyglot someday!

Communication is my passion as I can hone my communication skills. Hence, I will carefully develop it over a long period of time so that it is exactly right for my own purpose.

Tak salah kalau nak belajar pelbagai bahasa untuk tambah ilmu pengetahuan kita tapi bahasa Ibunda jangan sesekali dilupa.

                           Bahasa Korea
안녕히 가십시요 ( Annyonghi Gasipsiyo ) Selamat Jalan
안녕히주무세요 ( Annyonghi Jumuseyo ) Selamat Tidur
잘자요 ( Cal Cayo ) Selamat Tidur
어서 오십시요 ( Oso Osipsiyo ) Selamat datang / Silakan Masuk
어서 오세요 ( Oso Oseyo ) Selamat datang / Silahan Masuk
들어오십시요 ( Deuro Osipsiyo ) Silakan Masuk. ( Yang menyuruh didalam )
들어 오세요 ( Deuro Oseyo ) Silakan Masuk
들어 가십시요 ( Deuro Gasipsiyo ) Silakan Masuk ( Yang menyuruh berada diluar )
들어 가세요 ( Deuro Gaseyo ) Silakan Masuk ( Yang menyuruh berada diluar )( Informal)
어떻게지냈습니까 ? (Ottokhe Jinesimnika) Apa khabar ?
잘지냅니다 ( Cal Cinemnida ) Baik – baik saja
잘지내요 ( Cal Cineyo ) Baik – baik saja ( Informal )
또만납시다 ( To Mannapsida ) Jumpa lagi
또만나요 ( To Mannayo ) jumpa lagi ( Informal )
실례합니다 ( Sile Hamnida ) Tumpang

 하세요 ( haseyo ) Silakan
반갑습니다 ( Pan gapseumnida ) Gembira berjumpa dengan awak

 반가워요 ( Pan gawoyo )  Gembira berjumpa dengan awak ( Informal )
감사합니다 ( Kamsa hamnida ) Terima kasih
천만의말씀입니다 ( Chon mane mal seumnida ) Terima Kasih kembali
천만의요 ( Chon maneyo ) Terima kasih kembali ( Informal )
죄송합니다 ( Cwe song hamnida ) Mohon maaf
죄송해요 ( Cwe song heyo ) Mohon maaf ( Informal )
미안합니다 ( Mian hamnida ) Maaf
미안해요 ( Mian heyo ) Maaf
괜찮습니다 ( Kwen chan seumnida ) Tidak apa-apa
괜찮아요 ( Kwen chan ayo ) Tidak apa-apa(Informal)
잡드세요 ( Cap deuseyo ) Silakan makan
식사하십시요 ( Siksa hasipsiyo ) Selamat makan
식사하세요 ( Siksa haseyo ) Selamat makan (Informal)
오늘 즐 거웠 습니다 ( Oneul jeul gowo seumnida ) Hari ini sangat menyenangkan
오늘 즐 거웠 세요( Oneul jeul gowo seyo ) Hari ini sangat menyenangkan(Informal)
네, 있습니다 ( Ne, iseumnida ) Ya, ada
네, 있어요 ( Ne, issoyo ) Ya, ada/punya (Informal)
아니요, 없습니다, ( Anio, opseumnida ) Tidak, tidak/tidak ada

 아니요, 없어요 ( Anio, opsoyo ) Tidak, tidak/tidak ada (Informal) 

                        Perbualan Seharian
 Saya cintakan awak= Saranghae / Saranghamnida
Saya sukakan awak= Choaheyo
Selamat Ulang Tahun  = Saengil Chukha Hamnida

Gembira berjumpa dengan awak= Mannaseo bangapseummnida
Saya Orang Malaysia = Malaysia saramimnida
Saya Belajar Bahasa Korea = Naneun hangugeoreul baeunda
Maafkan Aku = Mian ne
Mian hamnida
Korang Dari Mana ? = Neohuideureun eodieseo wanni ?
Boleh, Silakan = Ne, doemnida
Bagus Sekali = Maeu joseumnida
Ok = Jeoseumnida
Tidak = Anio
Iya = Ye / Ne
Tidak Pernah = Gyeolko animnida

Sayafaham = Algesseoyo
Tak Tau = Mollayo
Ya, Ada = Ne, isseoyo
Siapa Nama awak ? = Ireumi mwoyeyo?
Nama saya... = Jeo neun (nama) ieyo
Apakah Ini ? = Ige mwoyeyo?
Sangat Cantik = Cham yebbeoyo

Takde apa= Goenchanayo
Baik-Baik Saja, Terima Kasih= Jal jinaepida, gamsahamnida
Maaf, Tidak Tahu = Minhamnida, jal moreugesseumnida
Aku Suka Nasi Goreng = Jeoneun nasi gorengeul joahamnida
Halo = (Ucapan pembuka di telefon)
Penyanyi : Gasu
Keluarga : Gajok
Masuk Angin : Gamgi
Polis : Gyeongchal
Kucing : Goyangi
Teman : Gongwon

Public phone: Gongjungjeonhwa
Kuih : Gwaja
Sepatu : Gudu
Seratus : Baek
Hospital/Klinik: Byeongwon
Roti : Ppal
Kedai Buku : Seojeom
Restoran : Sikdang
Indah : Areumdappda
Bayi : Agi
Pagi : Achim
Surat Khabar : Sinmun
Majalah : Japji
Anak – Anak : Eorini
Rumah : Jip
Kopi : Keopi
Teksi : Taeksi
TV : Tellebijeon
Pesta : Pati
Hotel : Hotel

Office: Hoesa
Sekolah : Hakgyo
SK : Chodeunghakgyo
SMK rendah : Junghakgyo
SMK atas : Godeunghakgyo
Murid SMK : Godeunghaksaeng
Universiti : Daekhagyo
Lelaki : Namja
Perempuan : Yeoja
Adik Lelaki : Namdongsaeng
Adik Perempuan : Yeodongsaeng

좋아요 ( Coahyo ) Bagus
가옆서라 ( Gayophsora ) Kasihan
제기랄 ( Cegiral ) Sial
그래요 ( Geureyo ) Bagus?
최고다 ( Cwegoda ) Asyik
정말 ( Congmal ) Sungguh
거짓말 ( Kojitmal ) Bohong
과연 ( Gwa yon ) Kemudian
예 ( Ye ) Ya
아, 네 ( A, Ne ) O, ya
아니오 ( Anio ) Tidak
물론 입니다 ( Mulon Imnida ) ofcourse

                                 Bahasa Jepun
1. Ohayou Gozaimasu = Good Morning - Use before 10am
2.       Ohayou  = Good Morning - Informal
3.       Konnichiwa = Hello - After 10am , afternoon time, day time
4.       Konbanwa = Good evening - after 5pm selamat petang/malam
5.       Oyasumi nasai = Good Night
6.       Oyasumi = Good night - Informal
7.       Omedetougozaimas= Tahniah!
ucapan ini boleh diucapkan untuk pengantin baru, calon peperiksaan dll.

8.       ganbatte : berusaha
* suteki : indahnya.
* taiyou : matahari
*namida : tangis /nangis
* uta : lagu
* rakan-rakan : tomodachi , nakama (kawan seangkatan)

10.   watashi wa nihonggoga wakarimasen = "Saya tak faham bahasa jepun"
11.   Onamae wa = "Apa nama awak? "
12.   Watashi wa (nama) desu ="Nama saya (nama) "
13.   hajimemashite =how do u do ? - use on first time meet only
14.   hajimemashite , douzo yoroshiku = that is very nice to meet u - use on first time meet only
15.   Ogenki desuka ? = How are u ? / awak sehat ke?

16.   iie watashiwa gengkidewaarimasen= Tidak, saya tak sihat.
hai, okagesamade = fine , thank you
* Kalau ya/ Yes = hai.
  Kalau tidak /no / not = iie
Cara nak sebut iie = 'e' bunyi seperti 'yek'.

17.   Wakaranai- tak tau
18.   nai -  tau
19.   Damek - rosak , reject
20.  Nihongo de hanashimashou. Watashiwa sukoshi hanasemasu.= Jom cakap guna bahasa jepun. Saya boleh cakap sikit-sikit ".
Sukoshi = Sikit
De = Guna
Hanashimasu = Cakap
Hanashimashou = Jom cakap
Hanasemasu = Boleh cakap
21.   choto...choto..= skit2/ ble lar
22.   saikin ikagedesuka = how are you recently?
23.   ohisashiburi desu = long time no see.
24.   Itadakimasu = say before having meal --"i will accept your food" terima kasih dengan orang yang buat makanan tu

25.   Ikimasu=saya pergi dulu
Ittarashai=baik-baik jer
Tadaima'=dia bagi tahu dia dah balik
Okaeri=selamat sampai

26.   gochisousama(deshita) = say after meal
27.   doumo arigatou gozaimasu = thank you very much
28.   doumo arigatou = thank you
29.   doumo = thanks
30.   Arewa nangdeska. = Itu apa?
31.   Wakarimaska= faham tak?
32.   tabemasu-makan
33.   gohan o tabemasu-makan nasi
34.   sakana o tabemasu-makan ikan
35.   dou itashimashite = you're welcome
37.   moshi moshi = hello ---use only when over phone
38.   sumimasen = I'm sorry, excuse me
39.   gomen nasai = casual way of sumimasen
40.   gomen = informal way of gomen nasai
41.   gomen kudasai = hello, is there anyone here ? -- use when enter shop or other people is home but see no one in.
42.   tadaima = I'm back!
43.   okaerinasai  = reply for tadaima - "welcome back"
44.   baka!!  =  bodoh!! bengap!! sengal!! *lol*
45.   daijabou deska?  =  awak tak apa2?
46.   genki genki!  = gembira gembira ! (nak cheer up some1)

47.   SATORARE = Suara Hati
48.   gambatte  =  berusahalah!!
49.   otanjoubi omedetou (gozaimasu) =  happy birthday
50.   'ogenki desu ka?'  = how do u do....
51.   'ogenki desu' = I'm fine. Thank you
52.   omedetou =  tahniah.
53.   genki =  baik (informal)
54.   ogenki =  baik (informal)

55.   Tabemasu = makan
nomimasu = minum
mimasu  = menonton
shimasu = perbuatan
kaimasu = beli
torimasu = tangkap gambar
kikimasu = dengar
yomimasu = membaca
kakimasu = tulis

contoh ayat :

Watashi wa gohan o tabemasu
maksudnya :- saya makan nasi


-o-kayu- bubur
-sandoithchi- sandwich
-yakisoba- mee goreng
-yokigohan-nasi goreng


                         ❤ Thanks for reading

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